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General information
It is the largest city in the state of Missouri and the anchor city of Kansas City Metropolitan Area which is the second largest metro in Missouri. It includes around 318 square miles in parts of Jackson County, Platte County and Cass County. It was founded in 1838 as the “Town of Kansas” at the convergence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers and was included in its current form in the late 1950s. It was the site of several battles during Civil War including the Battle of Westport. This is the city that is popular for its part on cultures and tradition such jazz and blues... even to cuisine (Kansas City- style barbecue). Kansas City is officially named City of Fountains. Second to Rome, Kansas City has over 200 fountains. They offer more boulevards than any other city apart from Paris. With that this city was also called Paris of Plains.

Climate and geography
The city has a total land area of 318.0 square mile. The total area consists of 313.5 sq mi of land and the rest is for water. Kansas City is bowl-shaped and is surrounded from north and south by limestone and bedrock cliffs that were imprinted by glaciers. Kansas municipal water was currently rated as the cleanest in the 50 largest cities in US that contain no noticeable impurities. The city lies near geographic center of the United States and at the second largest river in the country which is the Missouri River and the Kansas River (also known as Kaw River) the climate is moderate precipitation and extremes of hot and cold. Very humid Summer with moist air from the Mexico Gulf. From month of July and August daytime highs can get to triple digits. Mild to resentfully cold in winter that drops below 0 Fahrenheit for about 4 nights a year.  The city is prone to ice storms and flooding.

Leisure and Culture
Kansas City has 240 neighborhood with fruitful and colorful histories. The center of the city called Downtown is currently into major reconstruction and redevelopment of fresh condos, apartments and other real estate and The Power and Light District with bars, restaurants and store called The Jones and The Sprint Center. For that reason, downtown is more suitable for residential choice more than ever. Westport, Ivanhoe, Hyde District, Pendleton Heights, Quality Hill, The West Bottoms and the River Market are included in the urban core of the city. Briarcliff is also an upcoming neighborhood near downtown. Country Club Plaza is also in the downtown neighborhood that very unique appeal.

Kansas City is popular for its steak and barbecue. The city has been the haven of the Big 12 College basketball event.

With regards to economy, Kansas City is the home for 3 major corporations in Fortune 500 namely Sprint Nextel Corporation, YRC Worldwide Inc., and H &R Block. Three significant law firms are also located in the city; Lathrop & Gage, Stinson Morrisson & Hecker and Shook,Hardy & Bacon. Dairy Farmers of America the largest Dairy Co-op in US is here.

In 2004 $41.68 billion is the Gross Metropolitan Product of Kansas that made up 20.5% of the total Gross State Product of Missouri.

Colleges and universities
Several universities, colleges, and seminaries are located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, such as University of Missouri-Kansas City serving over 14,000 undergraduates. A Jesuit university Rockhurst University founded in 1910. Fine arts and Design school, Kansas City Art Institute established in 1885.
Libraries and archives
Internationally acclaimed independent library pertaining to science, technology and engineering and housing with over one million volumes is  in Linda Hall Library.
The Largest library in Missouri and collections in America can be found in Mid-Continent Public Library. The oldest library system, the Kansas City Public Library is also located here.
Primary and secondary schools
Kansas City offers a variety of school districts such as Kansan City, Missouri Public Schools being the largest. Wide range of private schools can be found in Kansas City

White consists of 62.8% (Non Hispanic whites 57.6%) Black or African American compose of 28.6%, Hispanic and Latinos have 9.2%, Asians is about 2.0%, Native American is 0.4% others consists of the rest of percentage.

Did you know?
Susan Madora Salter was the first woman mayor in United States. In 1887 she was chosen by the people in Argonia.

The  first black woman to be victorious in Academy Awards was Kansan Hattie MC Daniel who won the award for a role in “Gone with the Wind.”
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