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Lee’s Summit city is located in Jackson and Cass Counties in the state of Missouri. According to U.S census the estimated 84, 2008 in 2008 but in 2009 estimated 92,927 was recorded by the city’s development report and making the sixth largest city in Kansas City Metropolitan Area and in Missouri. Lee’s Summit ranked 44th on the list of top 100 Best Cities to Live in America in 2006 according to CNN/Money and Moneymagazine. In the same category in 2010, Lee’s Summit ranked 27th out of 100 cities. 

Originally, it was named “Town of Strother” by William B. Howard dedicated for his wife Maria D. Strother. In 1865 the name was changed for an early settler Dr. Pleasant John Graves Lea. He was the postmaster of Big Cedar in the year 1855 United States Official Postal Guide. He was killed in August of 1862 by Kansas Jayhawkers or the Redlegs. 

The local people and the railroad sought after the name of the town in honor of Dr. Lea’s services. He had the highest point farm and near the path of the tracks and the place of the proposed depot is where the site of his death. They decided to name the town “Lea’s Summit”. The word “summit” is placed because the place is generally in a high elevation on the Missouri Pacific Railroad linking St. Louis and Kansas City. They misspelled the name to “Lees Summit” instead of Lea’s Summit and leaving out the apostrophe.  

Others said that the town was branded after a well known Civil War General Robert E. Lee after people in the South moved into Missouri after the war. 

The town petitioned the state capitol to name it “Town of Lee’s Summit” being the name is already disseminated and published. 

Brief History
In the western edge of the city and a part of Kansas City, a real estate named R.A. Long who’s an owner of a lumber business began to build estate called Longview Farm in the late 1920s. In this 1,700 acres land has a mansion, 42 buildings and five barns when completed. A church was built on the said land known as Longview Chapel Christian Church in 1915. Years later it recognized internationally as a showplace farm. At this moment, one of the horse barns is now the place for Longview Farm Elementary and Longview Community College. The church and the mansion are now in the National Register of Historic Places. Longview Lake are also built in other parts of the farm and a new development in the town is called New Longview. Lee’s Summit Historical Cemetery is also located in Lee’s Summit. 

As of 2000, the population in Lee’s Summit were 70,700, 26,417 households and a family of 19,495 according to census. It has a population density of 1,188.9 individual per square mile. The composition in terms of nationality: 93.17% are compose of White, 3.47% for African American, 0.36% Native American, 0.99% Asian, 0.06% Pacific Islander and other races consists of 0.52% of the city. 

The city has $60,905 median income for a household and median income for a family was $70,702. Males has a median income of $49,385 compared to female with $32,837. Around 2.8% of the family and 3.8% of the population were below poverty line. The city per capita income was $26,891. 

In terms of education, Lee’s Summit has three public schools district namely Lee’s Summit R-VII School District, Blue Springs R-IV School District, Raymore-Peculiar R-II School District. Two religious private school namely: Lee’s Summit Community Christian School and Our Lady of Presentation Catholic School. In the extreme western edge of Lee’s Summit is where the home of Longview Community College and a part of Metropolitan Community College or MCC. Summit Technology Center is a branch campus of the University of Missouri. A branch of Baker University is also located in Lee’s Summit. 

Other Info:
A part of Lee’s Summit was featured in the film All Roads Lead Home.
A great segment of Lee’s Summit was filmed during the film Full Count.
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